The Move Together project has committed itself to the goal of using preschool gymnastics for integration across the country. Families from different cultures and families with children with disabilities will be included in preschool gymnastics in a relaxed atmosphere. This coming together goes beyond getting to know different cultures and languages to dismantling prejudice and overcoming contact anxiety. The children are able to make the most of the opportunity to engage in physical activity as well as develop basic capabilities and social skills to prepare for starting school. As a result, not only the child but also the parents are integrated into the community and life of the club.

The idea behind the Move Together project is based on the four-pillar model:

The project is networked on a national, cantonal, regional and local level. Networking partners include specialist units, organisations, projects, professionals, clubs and associations. A good network facilitates access to target groups and saves resources by exploiting synergies.

The club is actively supported by the project management, which is responsible for overall coordination. This frees the club from any additional expense and ensures quality assurance and sustainability at the project location. Key information on the local preschool offering is communicated to the target group using a flyer printed in 14 languages.

Training and development
The preschool gymnastics instructors complete the basic preschool gymnastics course and participate in MITU training once a year. The training is designed to offer the instructors a platform for exchanging ideas, enabling practical and theoretical transfer of knowledge, sharing professional input on areas of intercultural competence and reflecting on their own values. It is available to all preschool gymnastics instructors, whether they are involved in the Move Together project or are members of Sport Union Schweiz.

The cooperation with universities, specialist units, institutions, organisations and projects within and outside Switzerland guarantees the academic foundation of the project, meaning academic findings are integrated directly into the project.

The project Move Together aims to

  1. make it easier for families with special needs to enter the club system and promote physical activity.
  2. use social diversity as an opportunity for mass sports and sensitise families to the importance of children's physical activity.
  3. actively promote and help shape cooperation between different players in the field of early enhancement and sport.
  4. network pre-school exercise and gymnastics programm


Our values

Togetherness and team spirit: This core value of our project is about a sense of belonging, of camaraderie. Move Together is a large network and would like to profit with its project from the experiences that individuals in the network have gained. We want to look together into the future and find solutions together.

Mindfulness: With a mindful way of working we want to act consciously, i.e. to look closely at and question things that we automatically do in our society. It is about consciously anticipating what needs children and parents have and how we can meet these needs with our commitment.

Openness: Being open means being prepared to deal with people, questions and problems without prejudice. We want to be open to other ways of life and other cultures. Only in this way is it possible to work together.

Respect: Openness and tolerance are not just a formal toleration of something foreign, but genuine and natural respect for other ways of living and being.