«It's not enough to say the doors are open.
You have to make sure people find their way in.»
Lorenzo Milani, 1964

The association Move Together was founded on 3 December 2022 during the Swiss Handicap Fair in Lucerne. The association Move Together, based in Lucerne, continues the idea of the project "Move Together" in a sustainable way. All pre-school gymnastics programmes are cordially invited to become members of the association Move Together. Together we want to promote diversity and equality in pre-school gymnastics as a competence centre.

The project Move Together (formerly MIMUKI) was implemented as a pioneering project in the Swiss sporting landscape by the popular sports association Sport Union Schweiz in 2016-2022 and was completed on schedule at the end of 2022. The aim of the project was for families with special needs to find their way into preschool gymnastics programmes. Special needs refers to people with e.g. language and cultural challenges, impairments, financial challenges, social challenges. The project was implemented at 22 project sites, in 7 cantons and 3 language regions. 

Facts and figures 2016-2022