Since 2016, the move together network has been working to promote diversity in preschool gymnastics throughout Switzerland. Our goal is for families with special needs to find their way into the offers. We understand special needs as e.g. language and cultural challenges, impairment, financial challenges, social challenges etc. Our approach is based on a 4-pillar model with the pillars of coordination and communication, networking, education and training, and research. The existing pre-school gymnastics programmes (parent-child gymnastics, ElKi; mother-child gymnastics, MuKi; father-child gymnastics, VaKi; grandparent-child gymnastics, GroKi) for 3-5 year old children accompanied by their parents or an adult caregiver take place weekly and are run by gymnastics clubs. 

We actively support the pre-school gymnastics programmes that are part of our network as well as the families in the process for togetherness and promote the equality of all children in our society already in early childhood. We are committed to the further development of preschool gymnastics throughout Switzerland and offer support, an idea exchange for the design of lessons, further training opportunities and Covid-19 updates for preschool gymnastics.

Currently, 22 preschool gymnastics programmes or project locations with over 3,500 participating families in Central Switzerland, Zurich, Eastern Switzerland, Ticino and Grisons are part of the network. In addition, our network actively networks on a national and international level. We are committed to diversity in preschool gymnastics and use synergies whenever possible.  Gymnastics together is a matter of the heart for us. Listen to the podcast Move Together now.

«It's not enough to say the doors are open.
You have to make sure people find their way in.»
Lorenzo Milani, 1964
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