The association Netzwerk Miteinander Turnen was founded on 3 December 2022 in Lucerne and continues to sustain the idea of the project Miteinander Turnen. The project was implemented by the Swiss Sport Union from 2016 to 2022. Further information

Name and headquarters
Under the name "Network Gymnastics Together" there is an association in the sense of Art. 60 ff. ZGB with its registered office in Lucerne. It is politically and denominationally independent.

Pascale Josi, Sports Science Mc (Coordination German-speaking Switzerland 2019-2022)

Board of Directors
Co-President Strategy and Development
Elias Vogel, Sociocultural Animation FH (Project Management 2016-2022)

Co-President Inclusion
Melanie Spescha, Social Pedagogue FH (Initiator

Member of the Communication Board
Anja Glover, sociologist and freelance journalist (communication mandate 2019 - 2022)

Aim and purpose
As a centre of excellence, the association aims to promote diversity in preschool gymnastics throughout Switzerland. Our aim is that families with special needs find their way into pre-school gymnastics. We understand special needs as e.g. impairment, linguistic, cultural, financial, social challenges, etc. The association does not pursue commercial purposes and does not seek to make a profit.

The association has the following means at its disposal to pursue its aims:

  • Membership fees
  • Income from own events
  • Income from service agreements
  • Donations and grants of all kinds
  • Membership fees are set annually by the General Assembly. Collective members pay more than individual members. Honorary members and acting members of the Executive Board are exempt from the membership fee. The financial year corresponds to the calendar year.

Natural and legal persons who support the purpose of the Association may become members.
Individual members with voting rights are natural persons who use the services and facilities of the Association.
Collective members with voting rights are legal entities that use the services and facilities of the Association.

Membership A CHF 30/year
For clubs / pre-school gymnastics programmes with 1-2 lessons per week or up to 2 leaders.

Membership B CHF 50.-/ year
For clubs / pre-school gymnastics programmes with 1-6 lessons per week or up to 4 leaders.

Membership C CHF 100.-/ year
For clubs / preschool gymnastics programmes with 7 or more lessons per week or 4 or more leaders.

Membership "Together" CHF 200.- / year
For partner organisations, associations, specialist bodies, patrons who want to support us as an association and carry this idea forward together. 

Added value for membership
Membership in the association Netzwerk Miteinander Turnen offers you as a pre-school gymnastics leader, for you as a pre-school gymnastics offer or for your gymnastics club some advantages. And this is independent of your membership in Sport Union Switzerland SUS or Swiss Gymnastics Federation STV.

  • 2-3 yearly newsletters on various topics relevant to pre-school gymnastics.
  • Free participation in the further education "Gymnastics together" module 1 and module 2*.
  • Free advice on questions in the area of "pre-school gymnastics".
  • Support in the planning, financing and implementation of small projects in your programme
  • Cooperation with the KulturLegi
  • Network meetings (physical and digital for exchange and exchange of ideas)
  • Website with continuously updated best practice examples and ideas for lessons
  • Apply for membership

Become a member