Exercise course Move Together

The Move Together project has developed a movement course with eight posts. The Move Together course can be carried out in the gym, outside or at home. The network Move Together provides a material box that can be borrowed for preschool gymnastics lessons, a neighbourhood festival or an event.


Move Together exercise course for the little ones 

Movement at an early age is elementary for the further development of a child. The newly developed Move Togethr movement course not only promotes movement in early childhood, but also social interaction. The course can be run through in one round, or individual stations can be carried out. Depending on the course, the families and their children receive a piece of a memory game before or after the course, which they can place in the middle and play. The posts can also be minimised, extended or even adapted for families in private.

For this purpose, a description of the items of the course version for the home with household objects, a course version with the material of the Move Together movement box as well as the illustration of the items in German and Italian are available for download.



Loan of Move Together movement box

The networt Move Together provides a material box for the Move Together movement course, which can be borrowed. The box contains the following material: 

  • Post descriptions laminated (IT/DE).
  • 2 x 6 mats (ice floes orange & blue)
  • 2 x wooden boxes
  • 2 x yoga mats
  • Aluminium boxes coloured
  • 4 x tennis balls
  • 10 x softballs
  • 12 x silk scarves (6x small, 6x large)
  • 9 x ropes (3x blue, 3x green, 3x red)
  • Balloons
  • 1 x wooden stilts
  • 6 x wooden hoops


Contact details for borrowing the Move Together movement box